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Animated Anarchy and Audio Reactive Mayhem

This month we present UNDERLAND at Jaguar Shoes (London) for a month long multi-sensory residency.

Opening Thursday 5th June 2014 expect an UNDERLAND of art, animation, audio-reactive guest participation plus special evenings with live DJs and projections.

A mini homage to fifteen years in animation and character creation, we have reappropriated our favourite creatures into the visual and audible magical wonderland.

Throughout the UNDERLAND residency permanent fixtures will include a collaboratively painted mural plus a looped character based animation on the main wall. One of the four screens will be dedicated to interactive play. With some clever trickery using Quartz Composer and Animata software, visitors will be encouraged to plug in their smartphones and watch the characters on screen dance to their favourite songs.

Opening party 5th June, mid-term party 26th June and closing do 10th JulyUNDERLAND promises amusement from each corner of the animated room!

Woa! Parties really ‘ain’t wot they used to be’! Or are they?

Last night Bastard Bunny launched his new comic at The Book Club. We had T-shirts, posters, bunnies, The Mighty Booth, Richard Fearless, book signings, Mark Ratcliff, a Bastard Buffet, dancing, booze and who know what happened after the small hours!

One things for sure, we’re all rather fragile today but more importantly the books sold out! Wahey!

Just need to find the Bastard to tell him… hiding in some London boozer we expect.

Thanks everyone! 

Tonight ladies & gentlemen!

Bastard Bunny is launching his new book - Things Ain’t Wot They Used They To Be at The Book Club from 7pm.

Come join us for some comic books, bunny art-off and music by Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas), DJ Kung Fu and Mark Ratcliff (Rude Audio).


Bastard Bunny is launching his new book - Things Ain’t Wot They Used They To Be - at the The Book Club on Thursday 24th October, 7pm-2am.

We hope you can join in the spirit of his age (fat and forty) as many things will not be what they used to be.

There will be plenty of music taking us back to the club scene of the 90s including;

Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas), DJ Kung Fu and Mark Ratcliff (Rude Audio) who will bring back bangin’! 

The Mighty Booth will also be in situ for your photographic pleasure.  And BB Rabbitphernalia from the 90s (the laptop hats, the classic T shirts) will be available for you to truly Bastardise your night and wowzer your friends.

As a bonus, and for one night only, the book will be on sale for half price - £5 only!

So burrow on down and get the rabbit habit and register your attendance on FaceBook or Eventbrite.

We’ll soon be revealing launch party details of the eagerly anticipated Bastard Bunny ‘Things Ain’t Wot They Used To Be’ comic book.

In the mean time save the date - 24th October! 

What a Friday we had last week!

One of the traditions at the studio is to celebrate half the year well done with a fancy lunch. Rather than cause havoc in a restaurant near by, Dave organized some special private dining for us. His pal Clive Greenhalgh (ex Groucho Club, The Ambassador and The Brackenbury) catered for the wigged-up tipsy gaggle with the ‘Gatherers’. The three-course lunch was delightful, from salmon-three-ways to golden scallops, mains included rib of beef, lamb or red mullet. Puddings were particularly delicious with a creamy chocolatey option as well as a rum baba.  We had pass-the-parcel, an animation ‘pub’ quiz, some fancy dress and even a Summer Santa. 

Thanks Tom & Dave!

Last night we hosted an intimate screening for our clients & closest pals. Knowing how to throw a party, we added some of our funniest & best animated shorts to the bill. Coinciding with Dave’s birthday, all booze restrictions fell out the door with us in the early hours of this morning. We’ve got to say that the special Dog Judo segment went down amazingly so keep those peepers peeled for great things coming this year.

And a huge thanks to those that came along. We had a great time.

This is what happens when you unleash 12Foot6 onto Brighton. Skinny dipping, roof hopping and things we shouldn’t mention. We’d like to apologise to The Royal Pavilion Townhouse for this. They were great sports though, somehow I’m sure they’ve seen worse.

Rain Did Not Stop Play

Congratulations to Asa and Lee who got married in a farm we think was in Sussex at weekend. We think it was in Sussex but the walk (or tractor ride depending on your footwear) from farm gate to marquee may have taken in Glamorgan and Northumberland. But what a fantastic day. The Finnish tradition of doing vodka shots at the end of each speech is surely a splendid thing. And there were a lot of speeches. This, combined with torrential rain, reduced 12Foot6 to 3Foot2 for much of the late evening and following Sunday until Andrew and Nich were found in a barn, Matt was rescued from a car (not his) where he had gone to slumber and Richard eventually found his coat. Great wedding, Asa and Lee. Much love to you and your future together.

Tonight is the all singing and all dancing Best Piece of Advice Ever party at Village Underground.

Hosted by our US reps Bernstein & Andriulli and Creative Social in aid of the launch of the illustrated book of the same title.

With talks from advertising agency experts, art works by some awesome illustrators the premise of the whole exercise is quite literally… ‘What is the best piece of advice ever given to you?’

Here’s our witty illustrative contribution - ‘Never marry a man who rides a unicycle’ by Beth Ryan at BBH NYC illustrated by out very own Matt.