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Bar Shorts Question Time with Joel Veitch & Ross Butter

Bar Shorts Question Time with Joel Veitch & Ross Butter

We laughed, cried and felt somewhat uncomfortable when we watched ‘I Love You So Hard’ by Joel Veitch & Ross Butter. We loved it so much that we had to show it at the Pelirocco Hotel screening in Brighton. The boys are funny, wrong and super talented so we had to get to know them a little bit better.

Have a little read here!

BS: Who’s your favourite film maker?

JV: Ooh I don’t really know. I…

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This brand new Dog Judo is a little… errr… pissy.

Bar Shorts Question Time with Ian & Louis from Dice Productions

Bar Shorts Question Time with Ian & Louis from Dice Productions

We speak to the funny guys over at Dice Productions, Ian and Louis about films, sleep-overs in pubs (?!) and cataloging bacon sandwiches in Birmingham (what the crap??)

They’re the guys behind the multi-award winning ‘Man in a Cat’ and ‘Gregory is a Dancer’ which we screened at the last Bar Shorts.

Essentially these guys are a little crazy, a big funny and most talented. Read their interview here!

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Played 39 times

This is what happens when you sing your heart out in pubs.

It was written to celebrate the new Rocky musical that is opening on Broadway. We assumed it would be one of the songs in the production.

Don’t mess with your mate’s sister. Ever.

Bad things happen… to others.

The brilliant new Dog Judo episode is out now!

Sonic Bar Shorts Salford

Sonic Bar Shorts Salford

We’re excited to announce that due to popular demand we will be repeating the Super Sonic line-up at The Eagle Inn in Salford.We’ll be adding local film talent including a great little short by Rupert Hill and a handful of stings from the students in Salford.

Filmmakers include Greg Jardin, Will Sweeney, Phil Mulloy, Ethan Indorf, Michael Langan, Luke Snellin, Thomas Knowler, Asa Lucander/12Foot6

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Bar Shorts Question Time with Matt King & Imogen Woolley

How cute are these guys!? Imogen Woolley & Matt Kinganswer Bar Shorts Question Time. They reveal…

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Brand new Dog Judo episode is here!

Rexley says he does’t need money. He just ‘is’ judo. We’re not quite sure how he manages it!

Bar Shorts is back with a sonic inspired night of incredible shorts films and animations on 26th March.

Presented by 12Foot6 and Chris Shepherd expect the weird, the wonderful, the painful and the darn right funny.Filmmakers include Greg Jardin, Will Sweeney, Phil Mulloy, Ethan Indorf, Michael Langan, Luke Snellin, Thomas Knowler, Asa Lucander/12Foot6, Chris Shepherd, Matt King & Imogen Woolley & Dog Judo.
These are just a handful, we’re also excited to be showing comedic shorts by the animation legend Bob Godfrey (Roobarb & Custard).
Also thanks to The Polish Film Club we will show the first public screening of
'Myszochujek' by Polish director, Kristof Babaski made in 1957.
Plus a live modular synth set by Flux and a DJ set by King-Fu to keep you amused and excited between the screening sessions.
At The Book Club, 100 Leonard St, London, EC2A.
FREE but please register here!

Dog Judo’s Peaches reviews Don McLean’s American Pie.  

12Foot6’s very own David Anderson and Andrew Kelleher, along with Chris Shepherd and Darren Walsh, gave their opinions about what makes great comedy animation in yesterday’s Bar Shorts at the Loco Film Festival.

And the answer is……………..timing.

As well as great scripting, fine art, funny jokes and being in the right place at the right time. To prove the point they showed Dog Judo, Bastard Bunny, Angry Kid and Anatole’s Island amongst others. 

Also on Sunday 26th, there will be another amazing comedic screening the other side of London at The Ritzy in Brixton.

LOCO Film Festival brings you a fine selection of comedy shorts to enjoy on a winter’s morning. Expect to see sporting prowess, sexual education and some very poor caravan maintenance.

Brilliantly all films, including out very own Dog Judo are eligible for the LOCO Discovery Short Film Award! Fingers crossed.

Bar Shorts Question Time with Roy & Rexley from Dog Judo

Those jokers Roy & Rexley from Dog Judo fancy themselves as filmmakers. Through our ‘special’…

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Bar Shorts Comedy Special at Rich Mix

Don’t forget! This Sunday (26th) we’re hosting a Comedy Special Bar Shorts at Rich Mix London as…

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Calling girls fat could get you into trouble. Especially on New Years Eve. 

Will Bastard Bunny escape his punishment or will he turn it around and become the punisher?

Read his tale here