We’re proud to announce that we will be hosting a Comedy Special Bar Shorts at Rich Mix London as part of LOCO – The London Comedy Film Festival on January 26th.

There will be a whole host of funny films plus a panel discussion relating to comedy in short film and animation.

The ha-ha line-up will include… Will Anderson‘s chain smoking birds, 12Foot6 have some MugShorts to show, there will be at least two brand new Dog Judo episodes, Ross Plaskow will present meat and dinosaurs and we urge you to decide which you like best. We’ll throw in some vintage Mickey Mouse, a gem from Kirsten Lepore and some death poetry from Joseph BichardAlexandra Hetmerova will show us how love is possible in a swimming pool, Anatole’s Island will make an appearance directed by Chris Shepherd and Amer Nazri, written by Philip O’Shea and narrated by Peter Serafinowicz. Dave Anderson & David Lopez Retamero‘s Bastard Bunny will get massively pissed off with one thing or another, Andy Martin‘s aliens might freak out, Tom Rourke‘s Fishy Tale won’t teach one stupid fish a thing, Monika Forsberg will explain why Mummy Needs Gin, Luiz Stockler wonders why Zinadene Zedane did what he did, and vintage Angry Kid will make an appearance thanks to Darren Walsh.

Our Q&A panelists will include director of 12Foot6 Dave Anderson, filmmaker/director Chris Shepherd and fellow 12Foot6-er and the writer of Dog Judo Andrew Kelleher.

Get your tickets quick because it will sell out quick sticks!